Learn When to Plant Your Roses Without Mistakes

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When to plant roses is the most asked question from novice rose gardeners. It all depends on the area in which you are planting in. It also all depends if you're planting bare-root roses, container roses, mini-roses, or roses from cuttings. When to plant roses is a good and valid question since rose gardeners all over the world, including myself, would love to see beautiful growing roses in their backyard. There is nothing like being able to walk over to your rose garden and taking a big long breath taking in the sweet aromas of your roses.

Any area where the temperature gets below -10 degrees F, the best time when to plant roses is during the spring or fall while the roses are still dormant. Before planting make sure to soil is ready to be worked and not frozen. For best results plant bare-root roses , roses from cuttings, rose plants and bushes during the spring months as this will help ensure that the rose roots itself before going into dormancy. If you plant your rose during the fall, it maynot be able to fully root itself since the rose will be entering dormancy when the first frost hits; usually in Dec-Jan.

Potted roses can be transplanted throughout the entire growing season since it has already established roots. When planting your roses or bare-root roses, mix bone meal into the soil before actually planting/transplanting. Bone meal is a slow acting source of phosphorus which promotes healthy root growth. The healthier the roots the better your rose is able to take up nutrients thus giving you a wonderful blossoming rose.

Roses planted in the cold winter areas normally take their last fertilization around Aug 15. Doing this will limit new growth before the winter months when the rose enters dormancy. I would not suggest pruning before the dormant stage; it is best to prune before the rose emerges from dormancy to help promote new growth for the new season.

The best time when to plant roses in warmer areas, such as the southern USA states like Florida and southern California, is during January and February. These are areas where the temperature seldom ever gets below 10 degrees F. Potted plants may be planted just about anytime as long as they are available at your local nursery.

When to plant roses from cuttings is another question I hear. It's really not much different from transplanting potted roses. For the best results,  when done taking your cuttings, plant your cuttings into a pot instead of planting directly into your garden. Once the cutting is potted, fertilized and watered, place a glass jar over your rose cutting to trap humidity in, which will also help promote root growth.  When the cutting has established its roots, usually new growth starts to appear when this happens, is the best time to take the little one out to your rose garden where it will thrive in your fertilized rose bed.

My goal is to have every rose gardener whether novice or expert, be able to enjoy a beautiful and bountiful rose garden. I hope this has helped with the question When to Plant Roses? Plant roses near chives and onions to help keep little critters from feasting on your hard work. Onions will also help to create a much sweeter aroma from your roses which will be enjoyed by all.

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Learn When to Plant Your Roses Without Mistakes

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This article was published on 2010/03/26