Planting Roses Are Also Beautiful

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Although have many thorns around their body, no one can ignore the lovely beauty of Roses - a symbol of beauty, romance and love, the gift that nature brings to human's life. Any important occasion such as Valentines, weddings, anniversaries and debuts can't be perfect without them. This is exactly the reason why they are propagated for commercial aside from the personal purposes.


Planting roses is not really that hard as long as you know as you have already planted before. But often when you are a novice, you are naturally not so confident on the result of your endeavor. For this reason, you will need the help of some tips that will be your guide in starting. They involve the nutrients that roses want, the type of soil that they need and how they will be maintained.


* One of the first considerations that you have to bar in mind is that the place that you want to plant your rose can receive full sunlight. It must be wide enough not to disturb other plants because they may spread as a shrub or even climb as a climbing plant.


* If you decide to plant rose from bare roots specimen, soak them first with water. After that, dig a hole at least 6 inches deep. You must add compost or heap so you can be assured that your rose will grow fast. If you decide to plant it on a pot, the pot must also be spacious enough.


* The compost must be placed in the bottom of the hole first before you put the roots at the center. Hold the rose upright so you can carefully cove the remaining exposed area.


* Water the rose pants too in a steady manner and put mulch around it so the water will not erode away the surrounding soil easily.


* After days or even months, the rose can grow ad when the blooming season comes, you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. However, you still have to maintain its beauty by pruning and putting needed fertilizer on them like one that contains potassium and phosphorous.


* Keeping it in shape by pruning is also needed for its appearance. Remove dead leaves and flowers around the foliage too so your rose plant will not be vulnerable to diseases.


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Planting Roses Are Also Beautiful

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This article was published on 2010/08/12