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Everyone wishes to have a dream box, in which there is a magical world. In the world, they can use their imagination to fancy whatever they can think of, and experience a fantastic journey, just like Alice in the popular movie Alice in wonderland. I think most of the people who have watched the movie dream of being Alice to live with those lovely creatures and to have such an experience.

Rose also envies the life of Alice and wishes to have a dream in which she is no longer a human being, but something else. For she always wants to know what it is like to be something that she is familiar with.

One night, an angel comes to Rose's bedside and she tells Rose that she will dream a dream tonight. In the dream, she will become a handbag and have a wonderful tour. Also, she will learn about what is the proper behavior for a handbag when attending different occasions. Rose is so exciting and curious that she falls asleep quickly.

Rose arrives at a large house and she sees a lot of handbags just like herself. Rose remembers that there are also a lot of handbags in her mom's wardrobe, but these are more beautiful. Each one of them has their own characteristics. Rose is so amazed and impressed, feeling good being one of them. The members in the house are intimate with each other and they always keep a sweet and gorgeous smile on their face, smiles that are lightening the house. Rose feels as if she is in a heaven.

After Rose says hello to every handbag in the house, she is taken by her master to start her new life. By the way, we can call Rose's master as Crystal. Crystal tells Rose the purpose of this trip is to teach her how to behave under different occasions.

It is at 12:00 and they reach a restaurant. Crystal put Rose on the floor besides her feet. Rose is told by Crystal that it is rather rude to let her stand on the table. It is just like putting people's feet directly on the table .It is also the same when people are visiting someone. Also, there are other options for Rose to choose from. She can stay behind Crystal on the chair or on her laps. If the nearby seat is not occupied, it is also a good choice.

In the evening, Rose and Crystal attend a dinner party. There are some important rules for Rose to follow in order to make herself decent during the party time. Belows are the tips Rose would like to share with her friends in that house for this kind of party.

Since the dinner party is a formal occasion, it matters a great deal what kind of evening dresses being worn and what kind of bags being taken. What is more, they should match with each other. In this case, an elegant purse is a must , for it shows the respect to the host. When changing business cards with someone or having food, the handbags should be put aside.

When Rose wakes up the next morning, she is lying in her bed and back to her normal life. She remembers the scenes and happenings in the dream so clearly that she does not believe it is just a dream. Rose is so impressed by the warm and comfortable atmosphere the house is presenting and the pretty friends in that house.Suddenly, the name of the house comes to Rose's mind, it is Dinodirect. In her dream, it is the name of the house where all kinds of handbags are living in;but in the real world, it is an on-line shop selling all kinds of products, such as the women's handbags, backpack bags.

Rose tells her classmates about this strange dream when having lunch in school and recommends them to try this on-line shop. Rose believes that Dinodirect can be much better in reality and will not be a disappointment.

After Rose comes back from school, she finds that there is a picture of an angel on the wall above her bed. And to Rose's surprise, a line of letters is near the angel, it is

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Rose's Dream

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This article was published on 2010/10/26