The Classification Of Roses

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'FLORIBUNDA / Synonym: 'Royal Occasion'  

'Montana I®' is considered to be one of the best-quality red bedding roses worldwide. In June its short, dark red buds open out to reveal red blooms, whose brilliance is emphasized because of its usually large clusters. This rose continues to produce blooms tirelessly right up to autumn and is considered very useful for providing long- lasting, powerfully coloured structure. Though it blooms abundantly, its growth can be stimulated even more by cutting back particularly long shoots before the flowering period at the end of May. This promotes branching, which in turn makes it bushier; as a consequence, it will bloom even more abundantly. The shoots of withered clusters should be deadheaded just above a five-leaflet set.

FLOWERING: Repeat bloomer; semi-double; 0 8-10 cm (3-4 in); blood red; no scent

GROWTH: 60-80 cm (24-32 in) high; vigorous; upright; bushy

FEATURES: Robust beginner's variety; rain resistant; heat tolerant; suitable for containers; very hardy

PLANTING: For flowerbeds, borders; specimens, in groups and mass planting; attractive as a standard

INTRODUCED: Tantau, 1974, Germany


Synonyms: `Majorie Fair', `Harhero' / SHRUB ROSE,

Despite its dark red blooms, 'Red Yesterday®' has a really vibrant effect. That is due to the white eye at the centre of the tiny blooms, which flower continuously all summer long. The clusters of this many times award-winning rose are quite round and reminiscent of hydrangeas. This rose is amazingly versatile. As a bedding rose it looks attractive in the centre or at the back of beds and borders. As a shrub rose it looks good as cover for the foot of walls and hedges; or, as a specimen plant in combination with others, it is delightful throughout its extensive bloom period. Its spreading, arching growth naturally makes it suited as ground cover. Its splendid blooms look stunning when it is planted on sloping terraces and banks or in pathway borders, and allowed to spread. Three or four plants per square metre (square yard) are sufficient for this.

FLOWERING: Repeat bloomer; single; 0 2-3 cm (3/4-11/2 in); cherry red with white eye; no scent

GROWTH: Up to 1.2 m (4 ft) high; very bushy; arching

 FEATURES: ADR rating 1980; very rain resistant; suitable for containers; suited to partial shade; hardy PLANTING: Flowerbeds, borders, hedges, banks; specimens, in groups, mass planting

INTRODUCED: Harkness, 1978, Great Britain

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The Classification Of Roses

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