The Message Of A Rose

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If someone buys a rose, they not only acquire a flower but they communicate their deepest thoughts. Purchasing a rose in any colour takes much time & contemplation. To present or send the wrong colour can cause a host of problems, especially if you thought one thing but chose a rose colour that meant something completely different. For instance, if anyone who has been a lifetime buddy with no romantic attachments to you received a red rose, they may think you are trying to express new feelings of love, which is what red roses symbolize . If you send the right color, buy a yellow rose instead as a message that'll send joy & friendship.

When we choose a rose we're quite likely to be uninformed of its long history. Wild roses were said to have developed on the hillsides on the islands of Crete & Greece, apparently thousands of years before Jesus was born. It's rumored that it was the Chinese & the Egyptians who first chose plants based on the colour of its flower. Roses & pics of roses have both been found in tombs of ancient Egyptians, such as Tutankhamen. The hanging gardens of Babylon and in Jerusalem at the Temple of King Solomon, rose plants were found blossoming. Also during the Middle Ages, monks & pharmacists grew wild roses for their medicinal values. The end of the Roman Empire, roses began to appear in castles, palaces & manor homes.

As with everything that has been around for awhile, when we acquire a rose, it is nice to know the story around what we buy. Five decades ago, roses have exceeded any other plant in terms of its popularity. On every special occasion, especially Valentine's Day and Mother's Day our first thought is to buy a rose or a bouquet of flowers. Although there are many varieties of flowers just as enchanting, no of them seems to come quite as close to the charm found in the classical rose. Although most of us would enjoy nothing more than having our own rose gardens, they require great care and exact conditions for cultivation, or they will not bloom. This is mainly the reason why it is less challenging to go out & buy a rose instead. The acquisition of a rose, allows you to enjoy their elegance as anyone would with their own rose garden.
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The Message Of A Rose

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This article was published on 2011/02/17